Tim Rees seconded from Airservices Australia as CANSO's new Environment Manager

Tim Rees seconded from Airservices Australia as CANSO's new Environment Manager | CANSO,Airservices Australia

Wed 3 Feb 2010 – Tim Rees has become the new Environment Manager with the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), which represents the interests of Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) worldwide.  Rees (right), a professional air traffic controller, is on secondment from Airservices Australia, where he has served for over 18 years. He replaces Adam Phelan, who has held the position since June 2008 and now returns to Airservices Australia’s head office in Canberra. 

Rees was most recently CNS/ATM Specialist with the Australian ANSP, where he has been a leading operational authority on performance-based air traffic Management, ADS-B and Strategic planning. He is a published writer with a leading Australian aviation magazine and co-author of the current Airservices Australia ATM five-year plan.
“We are delighted that Tim has joined CANSO as our new Environment Manager. The UNFCCC COP 15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen shows just how the world remains focused on reducing carbon emissions emitted from industry sectors such as aviation and Tim’s expertise will be extremely valuable in assisting the ANSP community going forward,” commented Samantha Sharif, CANSO Director of Industry Affairs.
“CANSO also wishes to thank Adam for his fantastic work with the Imagine 2010 Environment programme over the last 18 months. Thanks to his leading role, the CANSO Environment Workgroup has made a number of key advances, and we wish him every success in his new position.”
Airservices Australia said it looked forward to Rees joining the CANSO Environmental Workgroup and collaborating with the broader CANSO community to improve ATM’s impact on the environment.
CANSO members are responsible for supporting 85% of world air traffic, and through its Workgroups, members share information and develop new policies, with the ultimate aim of improving air navigation services on the ground and in the air. CANSO also represents its members’ views in major regulatory and industry forums, including at ICAO, where it has official Observer status.



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