GOL to collaborate with Boeing on sustainable jet biofuel flights during next World Cup and Olympics

GOL to collaborate with Boeing on sustainable jet biofuel flights during next World Cup and Olympics | GOL,Boeing Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Wed 20 Nov 2013 – With Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 next year and the Olympic Games in 2016, national airline GOL plans to showcase sustainable aviation biofuel development in the country by operating biofuel flights during the two major international sporting events. GOL has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing to work together on speeding up the research, development and approval of new sources of sustainable aviation biofuel in Brazil, and help advance the long-term development of an industry for such fuels. The airline plans to use sustainable biofuels on 200 flights during the World Cup, which will take place around the country during June and July. It then aims to incorporate biofuels into 20 per cent of its flights operating during the Rio Olympics.


Under the agreement, Boeing will work with GOL, an all-Boeing 737 Next Generation operator, to identify and select the most promising feedstocks and refining technologies, and then play a leading role in the approval process for new fuel pathways to ensure the fuel meets safety and performance standards.


Last month, GOL conducted Brazil’s first commercial flight powered in part by sustainable aviation biofuel made from waste cooking oil and blended by Petrobras, with support coming from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


Following the flight, GOL, Boeing and other aviation industry stakeholders, along with government officials and research institutions, announced the Brazilian Biojetfuel Platform. The national effort aims to establish a sustainable jet biofuel industry, with research and development located in several regions of the country. If successful, says Boeing, Brazil could become the first nation to establish such an industry from biomass production to flight.





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