Airbus challenges students to help shape the eco-efficient aircraft industry of the future

Airbus challenges students to help shape the eco-efficient aircraft industry of the future | Airbus, Fly Your Ideas, Patrick Gavin, Tom Enders
Tue 14 Oct 2008 – Commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus has launched an international competition called ‘Fly Your Ideas’ for student teams worldwide to submit proposals that will help enhance the aviation sector’s eco-efficiency. With a top prize of 30,000 euros ($41,000), the competition is open to college and university students studying a degree, Masters or PhD in any academic discipline, from engineering to marketing, business to science and philosophy to design.
The objective, says Airbus, is to “create more value with less impact on the environment.” Proposals can look at a wide range of topics including new materials, products and/or processes, as well as aircraft performance, manufacturing and organizational and operational performance.
The top prize will go to the team whose idea demonstrates the greatest potential for improvement. Airbus says teams will advance through different “competitive and challenging” rounds, concluding with a live final at the Paris Air Show in June 2009.
“The Fly Your Ideas competition gives students the opportunity to work with Airbus. Together, we can share fresh and innovative ideas and thus shape the future of aviation,” commented Tom Enders, President and CEO of Airbus.
“As an eco-efficient enterprise, Airbus provides leadership by encouraging and delivering responsible solutions. With our university competition, we want to include new views and ideas in the early stages of our long term technology work,” explained Patrick Gavin, Executive Vice President Engineering for Airbus and patron of the competition. “We are committed to developing new technologies to ensure that air transport continues to be an eco-efficient means of transport, delivering economic value while minimizing its environmental impact.”



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