• We remove at least 100% of your flight CO2 from the atmosphere !

  • We only use trees and other 'natural climate solutions' !

  • We do this automatically and FREE of any cost to you !

  fly-eco.com is unique and easy to use !

Step 1:  Use our flight search tool above to search and book with 700+ airlines and travel agents !

Step 2:  We plant or save enough trees to remove 100% + the CO2 of your flight, free for you!

Step 3:  We reduce the eco- impact of your hotel and car hire when you book via our site!


  • Our flight search tool finds similar flights and offers as other traditional flight comparison sites!

  • We uniquely re-invest a minimum of 50% of any surplus revenue into additional 'natural climate solutions' schemes which can absorb your additional or historic CO2 emissions!

  • We are proud to be an environmental-purpose organisation!

  • The numerous large for-profit flight search companies on the internet are simply not able to have the same vision and ability to prioritise and redirect their revenues and profits to help the environment in such a massive way that we can!


fly-eco.com is unique!

  • Tens of thousands of trees already planted and saved!

  • Millions more trees planned!

  • Our goal is to lead in 'natural climate solutions' for aviation!

Have you booked or flown already without using fly-eco.com?

Or do you wish to make an extra contribution for your historical flights? 


No problem! 

  1. You can calculate your flight CO2 emissions using the calculator below.

  2. Then, you can purchase tree removals using the "Buy Now" button.

  • ​Click on the plane to calculate your extra flight CO2 emissions:

  •  Now click on "Buy Now" to remove your calculated extra flight CO2 emissions (each purchase = 1 tonne CO2 offset)


Each time be sure to search and book via fly-eco.com we will remove+ your flights automatically and free of cost and extra work for you! 



fly-eco.com is unique!

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